ConnexSys, LLC
Virtual Contact Center

Dedicated to providing an exciting customer experience through brand representation. We are a unique multi-channel contact center delivering a unique brand experience to enhance the exceptional quality of customer care that is bestowed at each and every touchpoint. We strive to maintain and in most instances raise the level of excellency expected from your customers by offering our service at a significant savings to your bottom line. Our professional team is made of dedicated and shared members, available 24/7 to ensure each and every client can maximize the service they offer. We ensure every team member is crossed trained on every client to guarantee times of heavy volume are covered and they are expected to deliver excellent customer service. We require each team member be trained and must acquire a National Certification to represent our multitude of clients in a vast range of industries. Phone, web chat, video chat, email or social media, we service your customers where they find you.


Contracting Team Members throughout the US, ensuring you receive professionally qualified contact center employees that perfectly represent your brand. Rigorous interview process, all potential employees are tested through scenario situations, branding questions, and communication skills. Available 24/7/365, all Connexsys employees are equipped with a home office that guarantees high-quality service meeting the high standards of your company. Partnering with non-profit organizations to train and certify representatives, providing supervision and workstations ensuring the best customer experience.


20+ years, ConnexSys have represented companies and skyrocketed their customer experiences, increasing their sales and improving brand image. Achieved through our rigorous certification and training process, all new employees undergo Sales Training and Specialized Training including HIPPA, medical products, and other sensitive matters. Trained to handle all escalation situations, putting your brand image and client satisfaction first, ConnexSys provides the best comprehensive multi-channel contact center solution to your business. Working in all industries, hire brand ambassadors that represent your culture and mission today.


ConnexSys offers a wide range of solutions to compliment the brand your company has established. Our solutions are tailored to accommodate your clients where they require service. Our clients enjoy the flexibility and customization we provide. We offer dedicated and shared team members to ensure complete coverage 24/7/365.


Phone, Web and Video Chat, Email, and Social Media, we handle all your communication needs. Dedicated team members are flexible available 24/7/365, meeting a variety of call patterns and work extended hour schedules that meet your business demands. With over ​X numbers of trained staff, our flexible solution scales, grows, and changes according to your company’s needs, providing a complete virtual contact solution that represents your brand.


I run a small business and trusted ConnexSys to improve my business practices by focusing on client servicing. It was a great idea to trust them as my business has seen tremendous growth ever since.

Paul Tincidunt