Began from seeing the poor customer service industry, employees working constrained work hours, fluctuating productivity determined from their stress levels, and high agent turnovers. ConnexSys is a Cloud-Based Virtual Contract Center platform that promotes workforce flexibility, without the added stress from commutes and daily hardships that life delivers, ensuring your brand image is always positively advertised resulting in more sales and a successful company. Recruiting individuals through independent contractors and local community partnerships needing a work-from-home employment situation that wants to help your business. Dedicated to meet client’s expectations and loyalty, ConnexSys provides an alternative to standard customer services, ensuring all your customer’s issues are resolved immediately, resulting in skyrocketing the success of your business. We’re more than telemarketers, We’re Brand Ambassadors.


Our mission is to provide improve your brand visibility through excellent customer experience. Achieved through professionally trained and certified customer service representatives, ensuring all issues and problems are solved immediately. Dedicated to improving local communities, by training, certifying and employing young adults online or onsite. Investing WorkCenters in communities to help them begin their growth and expansion.

I have been outsourcing customer services to ConnexSys for over two years now. I have seen a visible change in how my business operates now. Customer loyalty has increased and our customer base has expanded. I am thankful to the team for their dedication.

Michael Torquent


My business does not have a customer service department of its own so I get the services from ConnexSys. The entire team is quick to respond and I am glad how it has boosted the work-from-home industry.

Jessica Litora